Trend bouquets 2018



In this 2015 bridal bouquets pose a revolution. Traditional bridal bouquets give way to small bouquets, to the continuity of flowers and green leaves. New formats and sizes are the trend in bridal bouquets 2018 .

But read on, because this post will tell you absolutely everything about trends in bridal bouquets for this 20185

Continuity of flowers

One of the bouquets trend in 2018 is the continuation of flowers. This is the flowers of the church or the venue, they are the same as the bride’s bouquet. The idea is to maintain consistency between the branch and decorations, thus attempting to make a different ship, with different sizes. Something out of the ordinary and the fees have been established for years.

Small bouquets

Huge bouquets are long gone, now bouquets or small vessels take place as far as concerns bouquets. One of the disadvantages is that these smaller vessels are not comfortable or easy to handle. The advantage is that you do not remove the bride limelight. They are just as much a detail in white immensity

Eco bouquets

These are made with wildflowers, and therefore these are seasonal. They can be flower garden flower field or you feel like doing. They are beautiful as long as combined with the style of dress of the bride.

Single flower

This undoubtedly is one of the novelties of the trend in bridal bouquets 2015. This type of bouquets, so if you can call them, appeal to simplicity. The only flower that he has in his hand the bride is large and colorful can be a magnolia or a sunflower. Everything depends on the style of dress and what the bride feel like it.

Green leaves

The greens were always a complement to bouquets. But this trend in bridal bouquets 2018 proposes that the greens, are the branch itself. As original is very original, different shades of green, give a very sharp note of vibrant colored dress. Such branches would be ideal for weddings that take place on the sea coast or river.