Top 3 Neglected Children Problems



We all try to make available the best for our child since it is a primary responsibility being a parent. Avoiding neglected children problems and keeping a stern vigil on the habits should help raise a healthy child. Normally, child experiences quite many physical and psychological changes in along with problems in his/her early growing years. It’s better to be able to recognize such problems and solve them right there, then.

We have tried our best to chart down the most common top 3 neglected children problems that parents tend to mistake them for a regular ‘habit’.

Stammering is Curable: In the early, growing years when your children start learning to grab new words and talk fluently, there is an obvious nervousness and excitement in the mind at same time. That’s when and how problem of stammering arises, and  tends to remain in the child if not corrected. Let us assure you that stammering is curable with speech therapy, and never a permanent problem. Keep in mind that there is no good reason to take it lightly and expect an automatic cure. This may even extend to teen years and is a cause of embarrassment for the child. Your child will remain shy and lack confidence in verbal communications. This in turn will be a reason of poor personality development and lack learning skills. Stammering is present in children when they are learning and getting used to new languages, however if the problem persists even after speaking has been practised well, you must not neglect it and consult a speech therapist right away!

Difficult Children: There is a widely spread general assumption that if child says ‘NO’ too often, he or she is a shy kid. This is a habit of concern which should not be neglected as there could be many reasons behind his/her negative and reluctant behaviour when asked to do something.  Your child will remain difficult to handle and you as a parent, will not be able to understand the major reason behind it as you will hardly offer a comfort zone to discuss things. Calling him or her a shy kid is almost like pushing your child to shy away from the most. There may be anger issues, physical problems, lack of nurturing, socially introvert, odd situations with siblings or peers, sexual harassment, trust issues or inbuilt fears. Take our word; shy child is never a difficult child. Communicate, create comfort zone and keep a constant vigil on your child when he or she is socially active. Persuade your child to play with other kids, wish elders regularly and ask questions out of curiosity.

Hormonal Changes are Subjective: Your teenage child will face extreme hormonal changes which is quite parallel to physical changes. At times, we assume that the child will grow proper hair, have a broad face, gain weight automatically with time and enough height just like the other kids of the family or like most of the other kids of his/her age group. To be honest, this isn’t a universal or scientific assumption and parents must have knowledge about it. Children normally take some time to overcome hormonal changes, however waiting too long for required development is definitely a neglected children problems. Make your child comfortable by educating him/her about the possibilities of delays or early changes. Also, do not hesitate in consulting a doctor to keep a regular physical check-up. This is very important and hesitation will only bring problems.

Being an alert parent is a need of the hour, and we should avoid neglected children problems while raising a healthy and wise kid. This is only possible by gaining enough knowledge about all aspects of child growth. Good luck!