Summer Camps: Encourage your child participation



Do you ever encourage your child for participating in summer camps at school? Summer vacations are almost around the corner, and a good two months of extravagant fun await in the form of family gaming sessions and parties, tours and holidays, summer camps etc .

Many schools have already introduced summer camps to make the most of these lengthy vacations. Such events offer a variety of talent based activities which your child can indulge in and enjoy a break from the daily school routine. These camps are categorised on the basis of age and are organized in the school premises, mostly for parents’ convenience.

What are these camps all about? Summer camps normally have a set of activities including breakfast, snacks or lunch time meals. The activities may be indoor or outdoor sports, reading, dancing, singing, art, debates, learning languages, etc. Your child gets enough freedom to choose any activity of his/her choice. Their schedule is quite simple, and normally same for all age groups collectively as interaction is beyond books.

Summer camps try and do a lot more than just creating an off-school environment; while helping your child evolve various skills and discover hidden talents. Your child will have the opportunity to play with all and make more friends. This will help your child open up with children from other parts and slip out of him/her comfort zone. To fight, play, eat, talk and win together. This is not something they will get to learn during their regular routine in the school. The inter-personal skills, leadership qualities, team work, management skills, conflict handling and communication proficiency are developed in much better manner that books will barely teach. For young ones, summer camps will help nurture both talent and personality of the child as they are in the growing years.

A good advantage of summer camp is that parents don’t have to worry about the kid wasting their precious time during vacations. Kids hardly go out and play in the open grounds these days because of video games, mobile games and a lethargic attitude. Summer camps are normally equipped with sports activities while teaching new activities such as mountain climbing, bowling, table tennis, etc. Inclination towards sports is quite necessary for children to keep them physically fit and active in today’s hi-tech times.

If your child is able to make new friends, learn new activities, able to reduce laziness and stubbornness while developing his talents, volunteers more and inquires about different stuff, that means the camp was successful. Thus, encourage your child participation in summer camps allowing him/her to discover opportunities and skills for the proper mental and physical development.