Share Household Responsibilities with your Spouse



Do you think you can ever share household responsibilities with your spouse? Read on some helpful tips for everyday life..

It’s an age of gender equality which means being married now a days is quite different from what it used to be earlier. Once you’re married, there is a mixed bag of responsibilities and delights along with changes tagged along. It is now obvious that women too work shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts even after marriage, therefore the duties are also being shared equally back home. This helps in easing out hectic lifestyle, and makes more time available to spend with your better half.

Now if you are thinking on how to balance this lifestyle and share household responsibilities by avoiding conflicts or difference of opinion? Here are quite a few noble tips that will keep you and your spouse at peace on sharing household chores:

  1. Discuss comfortable working hours: Since both husband and wife are a working couple, morning and evenings are hectic. Therefore, sit together and discuss who is more comfortable working in the daytime and otherwise. Once you have a fixed working scheduled, there will be a less partner interference or family chaos. Mutual solutions are necessary and will help prevent arguments over completion of tasks on time.

  2. Nobody is the Boss: Working couple gets equal status and command over life, making life easier for both. Though women are supposed to be household responsibilities expert, they should also let their husband be free to deal with his share of house chores. Try teaching him about the stuff at home, however do not instruct. For men, do not act like a conspicuous person when your wife talks about gardening or plumbing or repairs in her list of duties. Mutual understanding is a must in a successful married life.

  3. Not doing is OKAY: Its ok to rest, to not do few things and to leave some chores incomplete at home. Ordering dinner instead of cooking, keeping your dishes for tomorrow to clean, eating out for lunch, asking children to take up cleaning, etc. It’s a good thing to relax and take out time for each other. You will need to neglect each other’s lazy attitude seldom, in order to provide mental and physical rest.

  4. Appreciate and reward: Women are supposed to be skilled in multi-tasking, whereas men on the other hand can are known for perfection. Thus appreciate, compliment and reward each other doesn’t matter however he/she completes his/her set of tasks. If your husband can cook better than you, don’t forget to compliment him about it often. If your wife is good at being a great host for house parties and never lets you down, appreciate her qualities. These sort of small gestures encourages both of you to be good and thorough with your household responsibilities.

  5. Flexibility: There are always uncalled for breaks from the daily routine like a short vacation, small house party, sudden sickness, etc. For such instances, you should be flexible enough to ignore certain tasks completely and shift duties for some or be able to perform some tasks together. Get yourself back together for other important assignments in life.

In our opinion, both husband and wife should be flexible to take up household responsibilities at the same time and be assertive about them in the future.