Paint your bike at home!



If you do not like your bike or your paint is peeling, there is an easier solution than you thought: the you can spray paint at home! It is easy but you need the materials listed and certain technique. Cheer up!

You will need:

  • Spray paint
  • Soft Lija
  • Rust Remover (optional)
  • Wrench
  • Screwdrivers
  • Large cardboard or sheet to place on the floor (which can stain)
  • Cleaning rags
  • Digital camera or camera phone

First step: Disarm bicycle

To paint, you must first disarm because the wheels are not looking just the picture. For that, you need the tools and the camera. Since not all disarm days a bicycle, you can spend that once the disarmed not know how to reassemble. That will serve the camera because it is best to take a picture of each step you take to disassemble your bike, something that is not so easy but with this help will be great.

Step Two: Paint

Once you have the free box, you must sand the surface to remove peeling paint and dirt. If your bike is rusty, you must use rust remover before painting, otherwise, the problem will reappear. When finished, clean thoroughly with a rag and get ready to paint.

To begin, place the box on cardboard or sheet and start painting according to these instructions: How to spray paint like a pro.

For proper coverage, it is best to give more than one coat of spray paint and, once dry, sealed with polyurethane spray paint.

Third step: Reassemble

It was logical, right? Once the box your bike is completely dry you can begin to assemble. For that, use the photos that you got while cut to pieces, with which you will make sure to do well.

Paint the bike at home is easy, just have to be methodical and pay attention to every bike part so that when you put it back together to function perfectly. This system is easier with simple bikes which are unchanged. But all you can!