Ideas to decorate your First Communion party at home



Are you going to organize the celebration of the Eucharist in your House? If so, you’ll not only have complete freedom to decide the way in which the holding of such a special day will take place but it also you can choose all the decorative details. If you are looking for some decoration ideas for the first communion, then, we meet them.

Decoration for the first communion at home

First Communion balloons decoration. This is, without a doubt, an excellent idea, however, we recommend that do not overdo the choice of colors, a first communion is a more formal than other holidays celebration. First Communion balloons decoration options you can, for example, place a bow with balloons at the entrance, place a simple bouquet of balloons as a centerpiece or, for example, to place balloons metallic on the House strategic.

Decoration of the tables. If you want to make your house shine on the day of the communion of your small without overdo, a decorative touch that gives you a really elegant result is the floral details. In this case, you can create some beautiful centerpieces made with Easter lilies and white roses or if you prefer something more colorful, you can combine the white flowers with colorful flowers. Another option is to use only colorful flowers adorned with angels, doves or small crosses.

Mounting of the tables. The decoration of a House for the Organization of a fellowship must be soberer than for other events. In this case, we suggest you put White tablecloths combined with accessories of clear or white colors. Another great option is to use individual and white lace placemats on the table.

Ceiling decoration. If you’re going to celebrate the first communion of your small on the inside of the House, another aspect that you need to pay attention to is the decoration of the ceiling. You can go for decorations with figures of religious themes as, for example, doves crosses or Angels of paper, which you can do by hand.

In this decorative line, you can also choose to put different coloured fabrics. So the result is incredible you can place on the ceiling as a tent, leaving a part of these fabrics to fall through the wall.

Decoration with candles. These are usually present in the decoration of any event that prepares for the touch of distinction that prints the whole. You can, for example, place them on the tables as a center or place them strategically in the garden, trees, entry, etc. If you are looking for more ideas to decorate your home with candles, do not miss the following proposals.