How to use iPad as secondary display



Got an iPad? Have you ever thought that the tablet from Apple could be used as a secondary display for your laptop, in order to expand the area of ​​work? If the answer is no, we will give you an opportunity to start thinking about it. Without making complicated cable connections, you can extend the Windows desktop and Mac to iPad. All you need is an Internet connection and the app Splashtop installed on tablet and PC.

If you want to use iPad as a secondary display, first you need to open the App Store on your iPad and download the Splashtop XDisplay. The program is available for free but can only be used for an evaluation period of 10 minutes, after which it will need to buy the full version for $ 9.99 or $ 4.99 (depending on whether it is in promotion or not).

Once you have completed downloading and installing the app on iPad, you need to log on to the website of the Splashtop client program for your computer. Once the download of the program, run the downloaded file and will automatically finish installing Splashtop also on PC: you only click on Accept and end at the end of setup to start the software.

At this point, go to the Advanced section of the Splashtop client and set a security code to protect your work session. Then, start Splashtop also on iPad and first click on the Go button and click Continue and Finish to complete the setup of the app. Then select the name of your computer in the screen that appears and enter the security code you have previously set for linking PCs and tablets.

If everything went the right way, you should see the desktop of your computer appear on the display of iPad and you should be able to use the tablet from Apple as a natural extension of the desktop Windows or Mac can interact with objects on the from both the computer screen from iPad (using the fingers and using the gesture that are listed when the software).