How to make bamboo wind chime



The bamboo wind chimes produce a very nice sone which is located in an area where there is a draft can help us relax and even sleep.

To make a bamboo wind chime will need:

  • Different sized pieces of bamboo and different diameters
  • Knife or razor
  • thread
  • Piece of wood

Once we have all the materials we cut the bamboo pieces in different sizes. We will use a portion between two nodes. On one side of the rod will make two small holes through which to pass a thread suspend in the air. On the opposite side so we need to do very careful not to break it open to make a half round remaining uncovered. Ves settle slowly and find a sound you like when you give a blow reed switch to another.

To make the hanger and clapper take the piece of wood and cut it to size using a circular motion to give us the bamboo and using the knife will make you different holes to hold the reeds. In the centre of this wood will make another hole and pass a thread which is what we use as down so that when you move the air shock with reeds and emit sound. The clapper contains two pieces of wood, which is positioned of the rods so that it can collide with each other and another end which serves to collect the wind so that the first orifice we make a hole for allowing the thread to move to another piece of wood.