How To Make A Claim For Telecommunications Services?



We live in the era of information technology and telecommunications, it is essential to know the processes and procedures for making a claim or complaint about the services of Internet, Telecable or telephones, this knowledge will help you save time and money on our claims. then collect processes and procedures to follow in our claims of telecommunications services:

First step: making a claim being the telecommunications service provider to receive the response from the company, this has a period of 30 calendar days in cases Claim billing and schedule 20 days in all other cases likely to claim.

Such complaints can be made ​​in person or by phone, remember that the claim can only be submitted by the person in whose name the service is contracted, better-known user owner. the provider can also provide other means of receiving your complaint, as long as you allow keep a record that your complaint was received. In the event that the user is unavailable to file the claim, may be represented by another person , is required to file a letter with the following information: I, ————, carrier (a) the identity card No. ———— — hereby authorize carrier —————- (a) of the identity card No. ————– —-, to represent me in the case that concerns me regarding telecommunications service No. —————.

This letter must be accompanied by a copy of both identity card. Yours as that of your representative must demand the claim number (this is the number that will be assigned to your case), name of the person who treated you, position held this person in the company, Note: remember you only have 45 calendar days counted from the date the cause of your claim is submitted, to make your complaint to the service provider. Ex. For troubleshooting service: The period of 45 calendar days to submit your complaint to the provider that offers the service starts from the moment you realize that your service does not work as specified in the contract. Problems with billing: The period of 45 calendar days begins to run from the date specified in the bill as the last working day for payment of billed service.

The cases most frequent complaints about telecommunications services are:

Procurement, Billing, Setup, Activation or Cancellation, Suspension or Court Retirement and Breakdowns, Quality of Service. Must I pay the whole bill to claim? No, you only pay the portion of the turnover not want to claim. suspend me Can service for failure to pay the respondent party my billing? While the claim is filed, the provider may not require payment of the claim, proceed to cut or disconnect service or terminate the contract. In the event that the provider does not provide a response within 30 calendar days, when your claim is for billing, or within 20 calendar days, where the claim on other grounds. In that case, you have 20 calendar you counted from the expiry of the stipulated time limit for filing an Appeal of Complaint (RDQ) before the lNDOTEL. In the event that the response of the provider does not meet or does not solve the reason for the claim, has a period of 20 days calendar to present your Action Complaint (RDQ) before the lNDOTEL.

What must data be submitted to lNDOTEL?

The data must be submitted to the agency, without limitation, are: claim number that provided you with the provider name of the person who greeted you and positions it occupies in the provider; and any other information you understand useful when you made ​​the claim. Any other information you understand useful to the case. If it comes to problems in billing, preferably need of an oversight bill object of your complaint and any other document that will serve as a support to the case you’d be presenting.