How to educate children



Children enjoy much more when “work” with their parents, so why not take advantage of these circumstances to educate their children?

To teach children it is important to establish, from the outset, a collaborative relationship. Give your child participates in everything from spending decisions to be made. Collaboration in family life can be easily reached if you practice with optimism and progressively involving children in tasks of family responsibilities.

Some practical examples:

if you go shopping, ask your child to check the pantry to see if there is no oil. Ask for help in little things and coinvolgetelo in your choices, if you have to buy a new table for the living room, ask him what he thinks!

In this way, the children will feel “useful” and understand what is their role within the family, also be able to develop greater self-confidence, which is crucial for development and growth.

The child must be involved especially if you are expecting a second child. In this case, tell your child when you were waiting for him and show him the old family photos. Even if you are not pregnant, but it is your intention to have another child, boater tales of adventure where the protagonists are two brothers, so the child will begin to appreciate the idea of ​​having a little brother as “fellow adventure.”

To teach children, it is better to use a model based on rewards rather than punishment. Inserted immediately a week pocket money even if symbolic, reduce it or increase it according to his conduct weekly. When your child is wrong, do not scold him, in fact, take advantage of these opportunities to encourage him to do better.

How to educate children: common mistakes.

Here is a list of things that should be avoided categorically!

  • Do not scare the child with false beliefs, for this is to avoid phrases like “do not go out, there is the black man”, “do not go in that room is the wolf.”
  • Do not give severe punishment.
  • Not inflict physical punishment.
  • If you’re wrong, not to offend him: “Are you stupid? Pose that vase that you break. “