How To Create Fonts With Handwriting



Have you ever thought of writing a text to your computer using your handwriting? Of course with the PC you can use the various lettering, italics, bold, capital letters, etc.. but just with your writing, you will think it is not possible.

MyScriptFont is an online service that allows you to easily and free with just a few clicks to create fonts with handwriting. The first thing you need to do is to connect to the main page and click the Template. At this point, the screen will appear a sheet with many boxes you will need to print.

In each box, you go to write the different letters of the alphabet in different styles of writing then, uppercase, lowercase, italics, etc.. including numbers and various signs that make up the punctuation. For optimum results, in order to create fonts with handwriting, the page must be completed with a black pen, not too thin and flawless.

When you have finished completing the form, you will need to scan the sheet in grayscale colour mode and obtain the image in JPG format. At this point, you have to reconnect to the site and click on the Browse button to specify the scanned image of your writing. Then you need to go in the writing Name your font to name your font writing.

Next, you have to go in the Select a format to indicate whether the size of the font file that you create must be TTF, OTF or SVG. To do this, click the True Type Font. At this point, you just need to click the Send file to start the creation of the file for your font handwriting.

You have to wait a few seconds for processing the data, after which, you will be sent to the download page of the font of writing where the Result section, you will see a preview of the text of writing that you have created using your handwriting, and if you feel satisfied with the result, there is nothing left to download the file by clicking on the name that you have previously attributed the same.

The last step that you need to do is to install the font file with handwriting that you have created, the operating system used by your PC. If your computer uses Windows XP as the operating system, Vista or 7, you can install the new font writing created, you must follow the steps in this simple guide.

The first thing you need to do is open the file with the font of your handwriting by double-clicking on the name of the font, unzip the contents and place it in a folder. If the operating system used, and Windows Vista or 7, you need to select with the right mouse button, the files extracted from the archive with the extension TTF and click the Install button to enter the new font.

If the operating system of your PC is Windows XP, in order to submit the same operating system font with the handwriting that you have created, you need to select with the right mouse button the files extracted from the TTF extension and click the Copy button.

You must then go to My Computer and go to the folder C: \ Windows \ Fonts, click in an empty space and select Paste from the context menu that opens to install the font that you have created on your system. When finished, open any program that can let you choose the font to be used (eg, Word, Photoshop, etc..) And between the lettering also available should you find your handwriting. Idea really nice, no doubt about it!